CFCS:Promoting growth, opportunity though CrowdFunding education & knowledge sharing

CFCS  hosts CrowdFunding  Conferences and Seminars  featuring leading CrowdSourcing and Funding  thought leaders from following disciplines  :
  • Administration and Capitol Hill experts
  • CrowdFunding lobbyists
  • Entrepreneurs and leaders in CrowdFunding
  • Securities Attorneys 
  • Public Relations and Social Media experts
  • Accounting firms with practice focus on CrowdFunding
  • CrowdFunding business experts and consultants
  • Web platform experts
  • Banks and Venture funds
  • Media and liability insurance experts
  • Angel Investors
  • Academics Leaders from Business & Economics Programs
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital Investors

Network with Crowd Funding Experts 

Why learn about CrowdFunding and get prepared now?

When we look at successful individuals or companies that achieve market share beyond their initial dreams and plans,  you can quickly see that Timing is Everything. This is even more true about CrowdFunding.

CrowdFunding is an avenue for entrepreneurs,  startups, and SMBs to solicit Working Capital from non-accredited investors. The CrowdFunding provisions of the JOBS Act (H.R. 3606 Jump Start Our Business Startups Act) allows companies to raise up to $1 million in capital per year via crowdfunding platforms from individual investors without the requirements to registering with the  SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission ).  Many investors will come from, family, friends, Venture capitalists,  Entrepreneurs’ pre-existing networks, mentors, and former colleagues.

Clearly, there are many unknowns as the SEC completes the development of the functional details and related regulations of CrowdFunding Platforms by January 2013.  

However, there are many steps that small businesses can take to get ready. You need 3 to 6 months of planning and preparation ahead of a Crowdfunding campaign to:
  1. Build and develop your business concept and your " business plan "
  2. Build your Crowd  and your Social Capital Engines
  3. Build your virtual office, communication and collaboration suite in the cloud (web 2.0 ) 
  4. Start building the "Crowd" as early as possible   for your  "crowd" funding campaign. As you see Crowd comes first before funding.
  5. Protect your idea while your project is posted in Crowdfunding   campaign  for  all the world to see  One answer might be  “File a provisional patent application" as soon as possible
It Pays to Learn, be Prepared and Practice.

We are extremely excited and proud to invite entrepreneurs and SMBs to attend, learn and contribute in a collaborative exchange of insightful ideas and proven methodologies, to strengthening the great and prosperous entrepreneurial ecosystem, called American Capitalism,  that you are also a part of.                          

Entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals are all invited for a structural education and informed discussions about the opportunities and impact which  the JOBS Act and CrowdFunding for Equity will have on business.  Prominent business national and local leaders and industry experts will present their perspectives and insight at CFCS conferences and seminars. 

Guest speakers and lecturers include the best Crowd funding event platform founders, the legislative representatives, subject matter experts and small business interests, who guided the legislation through Congress, along with America’s best securities attorneys. CFCS Conference and Seminars will provide education tracks. planning and guidelines for SMBs, entrepreneurs, technologists interested in web platforms, the web and social media marketing, securities law, venture funds and investors, as well as social and impact investing.

Our Goal is to function as the convergence and hub point for entrepreneurs and SMBs to find methods and tracks to remove all the barriers they face when attempting to raise funds and lift their businesses off the ground.  Entrepreneurs and SMBs will find a powerful network of experts; a place where great ideas meet solutions, strategies and opportunities for all their business Funding, consulting and advisory, marketing, legal, financial management, manufacturing, distribution, insurance, technology and human capital needs.

We are extremely excited and proud to invite entrepreneurs and SMBs to attend, learn and contribute in a collaborative exchange of insightful ideas and proven methodologies, to strengthening the great and prosperous entrepreneurial ecosystem, called American Capitalism,  that you are also a part of.

Main Benefits  as an attendant or a sponsor of CFCS Conference, you will:

  • Learn about the CrowdFunding market (estimated $144 billion  to $300 Billion 
  • Promote value and visibility for your CrowdFunding ideas or solutions;
  • Develop an extensive knowledge and understanding of the most effective ways to achieve and leverage CrowdFunding funds.
  • Learn the fundamental elements of an effective Social Media marketing web campaign 
  • Learn  how to access the legal, legislative, financial and compliance aspects of CrowdFunding are once they are simplified and demystified by business experts
  • Learn  about the best CrowdFunding business practices and insights from influential and successful entrepreneurs and their  success stories 
  • Network your way to a successful campaign 

CFCS sponsors include:
  • Crowd funding associations 
  • Federal and state  government
  • Small Business Administration support components
  • Local and city government 
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Universities and Academic Institutions
  • Venture capital companies
  • Business lawyers specializing in corporate, securities
  • Professional services company
  • PR and marketing companies
  • Crowdsourcing Service Providers (CSPs)

JOBS Act is a  law, legalizing crowdfunding in startups