Join  CrowdFunding Conferences and Seminars 

With your collaboration, cooperation, sharing ideas and challenges ( expert sourcing ), we can  build on the success of the crowdsourcing ( CrowdFunding ) industry. We invite  SMBs, entrepreneurs, web developer, intermediaries, competitors, collaborators, clients, prospects and the best minds in academia and media to join together and learn from one another at  
CFCS conferences and seminars  bring togther  C-level executives, scholars, investors, entrepreneurs and media for a day-long gathering . This  includes;
  • a morning keynote 
  • Industry's top  policy  leaders
  • Industry's top  investing  leaders 
  • Industry's top  marketing   leaders 
Participants will also engage and network with best-in-class businesses and sponsors in the expo hall.

Call for Speaker 

Call for speaker proposals is open.  Industry leaders and innovators interested in speaking at crowd funding conference and seminar  events are encouraged to propose session ideas by filling out a following  form . 

Strong preference will be given to sessions that share client success stories and/or feature end-users who discuss challenges and results from implementing crowd funding  solutions.

Let us know about you 

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Crowdfunding conference and seminars  is  looking  forward to partnering with you and having you as an CFCS  sponsor. We  customized sponsorship packages available, and sponsorship options for the following:

  1. CFCS Featured virtual trade show booth 
  2. CFCS Ad Sponsor available on each page in various sizes
  3. Online pStrategy session sponsorship
  4. Video Sponsorship
  5. Featured page sponsorship

Please contact us for more detail.