Investor learning materials

Learning Materials

Money as You Grow, developed by Beth Kobliner and the Youth Subcommittee of the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability, provides 20 essential, age-appropriatefinancial lessons that kids need to know as they grow.


4-H Build a Million Club is a curriculum and website designed to educate high school-aged youth on investing, budgeting, credit cards, stocks and other aspects of personal finance. The program, which combines guidance for club leaders (PDF 12 MB) with Web tools for students, was designed with 4-H programs in mind, but can be applied in a number of settings, including in-school and after-school, or at educational camps. The program was developed by the Michigan 4-H Foundation with support from the University of Kentucky, Michigan State University, Virginia Tech and the University of Tennessee. It is hosted online by eXtension.


The Investor's Guide to Securities Industry Disputes: How to Prevent and Resolve Disputes with Your Broker, a brochure (PDF 2 MB) created by the Pace Law School Investor Rights Clinic (released 2011).


Love Your Money is a website and online course designed to provide college students with the tools they need to manage their money, understand the financial markets and save and invest wisely. The program is coordinated by The University of Tennessee Extension Department of Family & Consumer Sciences in partnership with The University of Florida, Kansas State University, The University of Kentucky and Mississippi State University (released 2010).


The Gen i Revolution is a competitive online game developed by the Council for Economic Education to teach personal finance skills to middle and high school students. The "Murktide," a confusion about basic personal finance principles, is rapidly spreading across the population, and middle and high school students are the last line of defense against a lifetime of poor financial decisions. By completing 15 interactive missions, the students are able to help people in financial trouble and beat back the Murktide infestation.


Are You Financially Fit? A brochure and a workbook (in both English and Spanish) created by researchers at Florida State University after a three-year study contrasting the personal finance strategies of households who had similar opportunities to accumulate wealth over their lifetimes but ended up with very different amounts of wealth nearing retirement (released 2010).


Your Mind and Your Moneyfeature series exploring behavioral finance and its implications for investors produced by Nightly Business Report, in partnership with Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.


Guidelines for Establishing a Law School Investor Advocacy Clinic, a manual (PDF 437 KB) created by the Northwestern University School of Law, provides practical advice to law schools interested in starting a clinic to provide legal representation to small, underserved investors. (released 2009).


Investing for Farm Families, an online course designed to meet the needs of farmers and ranchers developed by the Cooperative Extension Service under a grant to the eXtension Foundation (released 2009).


Get Your Finances Ready for Retirementfeature series for soon-to-be and recent retirees produced by Nightly Business Report, in partnership with U.S. News & World Report.


Investments: A Resource to Reach the American Dream, an investor education curriculum (in both English and Spanish) created by the ASPIRA Association, including aparticipant workbook, facilitator’s guide and multimedia resources (released 2007).


Building Native Communities: Investing for the Futureinvestor education workbookcreated by the First Nations Development Institute (released 2006), along with a companioninstructor's guide.


TV411 Save Smartinstructional videos from the Education Development Center that integrate financial and investor education concepts into adult learning in math and literacy (released 2006).


Get More Money Nowbrochure and Web site in Spanish and English created by the Education and Research Foundation of the Better Business Bureau Serving Metropolitan New York (released 2006).


Get Rich Slowwomen's retirement game developed by the Boston College Center for Retirement Research (released 2005).


Financial Literacy Training for High School Students, eight independent instructional modules and handouts developed by The Center for Financial Studies at Southern New Hampshire University (revised 2010):