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Press Relesae Title :CrowdFunding is a Tool to Change the Dynamics of Economic Downturn

CrowdFunding Seminar 8-9-2012

By Invitation Only 

Agenda 8-9-2012

Speakers :

  1. Joseph Greco , Ph.D. , Finance Professor- Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
  2. Daniel Gutierrez,  CEO & Co-Founder FundaGeek LLC
  3. Bryan Gianesin, Business and Securities Attorney, Gianesin Law Firm
  4. Jim Doane,   Executive Director
  5. Steve Gutierrez , Business Consultant -
  6. David Khorram , CKO  -

Topics :

1- Steve Gutierrez  - Welcome , facility Info and Agenda
2- Dr. Joseph Greco - CrowdFunding is a Tool to Change the Dynamics of Economic Downturn
3- Bryan Gianesin -  The Network Solution to Donation and Capital Needs: The Status of Crowd Funding in the U.S. August 2012
4- Daniel Gutierrez - FundaGeek -  The best source of crowd funding for technical innovation, scientific research & bringing new inventions to market  
5- Jim Doane - "Crowd" in CrowdFunding - build your Social Capital Now !
5- Steve Gutierrez - CrowdFunding Who needs it, history and statistics
6- David Khorram - Discover advantage of "Cloud and Crowd" Sourcing in CrowdFunding age. How ro take advantage of 300 Billion dollar CrowdFunding market
7- Steve Gutierrez - Break -
8- Joseph Greco -  Moderator - Q/A and group thinking
9- Steve Gutierrez - September 12th  seminar announcement , open discussion and networking

We are extending a personal invitation to you, to join us at Southern California’s 1st CrowdFunding Conference and Summit, in conjunction with the Irvine Chamber of Commerce. Several Government Business support entities, Business School Entrepreneur focused Academics, National CrowdFunding experts, and Business Thought Leaders will participate on August 9, 2012,  10am-2pm, (working lunch included).

This hosted event, is an Educational and Information Exchange Forum for selected Business “Thought Leaders”, to review the recently passed JOBS Act ( HR3606 ) and the innovative process that will emerge, to drive new methodologies of Capital Funding into the SMB, Entrepreneur and StartUp.  Much like the “Reward based CrowdFunding method”, that has generated $2.8 Billion in 2011, with projections to produce $6.3B in 2012.  The Equity based CrowdFunding environment will receive greater attention, since the contributor can now become a “Stakeholder” in that next Great Idea and Enterprise, from the ground up!

These non-traditional Capital Acquisition “portals” and related support components, represent an enormous paradigm shift for the Investor, Business Resource Professional and the Entrepreneur.  In today’s business landscape this Legislation, The JOBS Act, will open an entire new market environment as it moves to full enactment in early 2013.

Join us to ensure that you and your organization are prepared to leverage your “Core Mission” objectives, to drive these business enabling processes and technologies.  We have outlined an insightful and comprehensive agenda for your registration and review.

To register you can;

Click on this link and register online :  CrowdFundingRegisterEvent

Location: : Irvine Chamber of  Commerce (2485 McCabe Way, Suite 150,  Irvine, CA 92614 ) map

Additional information:

By invitation only ( not open to the public )

This is an expert sourcing and sponsorship seminar series  directed to high level crowdfunding participants such as Universities  SBA, SBDC, Government , Administrations, Legislators , Congressmen , Capital Hill Experts, Crowdfunding leaders and portal developers , Security and crowdfunding business attorneys.

CFCS Mission 

Providing small businesses and entrepreneurs with  up to date information and expert consulting on crowdfund provision of the JOBS Act assisting them to raise up to $1 million in capital per year via crowdfunding platforms through effective training, access to  crowdfunding experts  and  resources. 

Vision Statement 

Leading the way for small business and entrepreneurs  to  get to the next level  and be the engine of economic recovery using new business cloud technology and crowdfunding JOBS Act .   ( entrepreneur factory ) 

Why learning about Crowd funding now and get prepared ?

When we look at successful individuals, or companies that achieve market share beyond belief you can quickly see that Everything is Timing . This true about Crowdfunding .

Crowdfunding is an avenue for entrepreneurs,  startups and SMBs to solicit capitalfrom non-accredited investors. The Crowdfund provision of the JOBS Act allows companies to raise up to $1 million in capital per year via crowdfunding platforms from individual investors without needing tot registering with the  SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission ). Many investors will come from, family, friends ,Venture  caps,  entrepreneurs’ preexisting networks, mentors, former and colleagues.

Clearly, There are many unknowns as the SEC has until January 2013 to regulate these crowdfunding platforms. However, there are many steps that small businesses can take to get ready.  It Pays to learn, be Prepared and Practice .

How to register :

By invitation only ( not open to the public ) :
Irvine Chamber
2485 McCabe Way, Suite 150
Irvine, California 92614
Tel: (949) 660-9112

Call for speaker proposals is open.  Industry leaders and innovators interested in speaking at crowd funding conference and seminar  events are encouraged to propose session ideas by filling out a following  forms .

Crowdfunding confrences ( Open to public ):